Sea Bass

Here’s a tubby old bass, hiding from hooks in the weeds.

Curlew and Samphire

This is the first in a series of pictures of local flora and fauna. I’m going to make these available in various guises - i’ll post again when they’re ready.

Summertime process


Had a lovely time painting this summery image on such a drab, pissy day.

Everyone on this train is completely ignoring the amazing sunset #sketchbook

Sleepyhead on the train #sketchbook

Hide and Seek

This was one of those images that popped fully formed into my head.

Tabbys birthday

When i was a boy my dad used to take me to Braxted Park, a large country house in Essex where they held large shoots so that rich oil magnates from Italy could blast pheasants and grouse out of the sky. It was our job to pick up the birds afterwards. I have very happy memories of hanging out in freezing woods with my dad and the dogs.

Unbeknownst to me, at the same time the woman who i would one day marry was in the big house, helping out her mum who occasionally was a cleaner there.

Here’s an illustration of us that i gave to my wife, whose 34th birthday it is today.

Happy birthday beautiful x

A purple patch

Creatively, i’ve just had the most exhilarating two days of my illustration career. I’m going to keep it all close to my chest for now, but here’s a little ice wizard to herald in some exciting Tom times!